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Images and sounds have always been significant elements of human personality. Probably, one of the most important technological developments of the IT branch in the last century was to transmit the human voice – also combined with visual elements – to the opposite side caller – in short: video chat.
But, as in every situation, there are matters that are legally relevant. For example, what types of legally binding agreements one can reach with an audio or video transmission or how far one has to respect the personal rights of others in this regard. Humanity owns a cable audio technology already for a long period of time (in particular by means of copper wires). However, in recent years, with the help of satellite communications, and later by the miracle of technology in terms of mobile telephony, it was realized quite quickly that it was also wirelessly possible to “reach” someone.
Video conferencing systems for live broadcasts today are hardly indispensable. One of the youngest wonders of telecommunications is the Internet. Internet, cable, satellite or other technologies make it possible to realize the exchange and flow of information without time limitations. Through the Internet the “human voice, image and data transfer” have achieved a very important position in various processes. In this way, it will save you a lot of time and that is a lot of effort; besides, people attain knowledge in a more intensive, easier and faster way.

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