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You can simply book a free appointment for yourself via the button on the top right and pay a one-time fee of 150 € plus VAT for the comprehensive initial consultation.
If you want to continue on the path with me, you will be credited with this 150 € plus VAT on the legal fees in any process!

Internet Law is Online Law. This is about legal requirements, problems and framework conditions that inevitably occur when you are “online”. Nonetheless, Internet Law is not an independent area of ​​law, but rather a cross-cutting matter, which is dealt with by other jurisprudential fields of law.

Cash (payment on account) at the first meeting.
Bank transfer.

Many years of experience and knowledge of human nature thanks to my additional social science studies make me your quick-witted partner!

You will receive an unsolicited and immediate report upon every change. I also might call you to discuss further steps if necessary!

You can reach me in the office in Vienna via …

Landline: 0043 1 581 37 05
or by e-mail: [email protected]

For appointments in the branch office in  Sieggraben please make an appointment in advance …

Landline: 0043 2621 24040
or by e-mail: [email protected]

Are you afraid of unforeseen costs? Do not worry: In our initial meeting, we agree on a billing yariant for your case, according to an appropriate cost estimate, and you have a clear picture of the possible expenses BEFORE we fight for your right!

The fee between you and me can be freely agreed. Three variants are possible:
Flat rate fee: In those cases, in which my scope of service can be estimated in advance, I offer you also a flat fee agreement.
Hourly rate: In this billing mode you pay an hourly rate in the amount of 200 € plus VAT. Cash expenses will of course be charged separately.
Billing according to tariff: Here the Lawyer Tariff Law, the General Fee Criteria or the Notary Tariff Law form the basis for the fee bill.

The duration depends in principle on whether it is a consensual or controversial divorce. In the case of a divorce by consensus, the procedure may be legally finalized for a few months, whereas disputed divorce may well take several years.

This is the exclusive right of disposal concerning one’s own creative achievements, works of art or the like. An author is usually the originator of his written book at the same time.

Before it escalates:

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Thanks to my 3-step initial consultation system, you will get to your first support with concrete solutions for your case!

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By lawyer Enes Göksel you can expect performance at the highest level!

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